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Seth M. Weintraub


Seth Weintraub is an associate attorney at Kemeny, Ramp & Renaud, LLC.  Mr. Weintraub represents clients in a wide range of matters, including estate planning and litigation, real estate transactions, and personal injury.  Prior to joining the firm Mr. Weintraub practiced divorce and family law, representing clients through one of the most emotionally difficult times in their lives to a resolution. Mr. Weintraub began his legal career as a law clerk for the Honorable Teresa Kondrup Coyle, J.S.C. in Monmouth County, New Jersey.


As an attorney, Mr. Weintraub understands that his clients are more than just a job; they are often people who need to be heard and understood and who are looking for a solution to what are often complex legal problems.  Mr. Weintraub brings a wealth of experience addressing difficult problems with client centered focus on results.  


Mr. Weintraub earned his Juris Doctor from American University Washington College of Law.  While studying at AU WCL, Mr. Weintraub was the managing editor of the American University Business Law Review, where he was published for his Comment Hey Alexa: Was It the Butler, in the Foyer, with the Candlestick? Understanding Amazon's Echo and Whether the Government Can Retrieve Its Data.


Prior to receiving his Juris Doctor from AU WCL, Mr. Weintraub earned his Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland. 


Mr. Weintraub is licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey. 

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