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New Jersey Appellate Lawyers

        Whether the case goes through trial or a decision is made as a result of a motion, there is a potential that an appeal will be filed. The right of appeal is an important aspect of the legal system and it is critical to have a capable appellate attorney with experience on your side whenever you have a lot on the line in a case.

        Clients rely on our Kemeny, Ramp & Renaud to present the best-possible case by choosing the right issues and arguments to make on appeal. Our attorneys have experience in appeals at both the state and federal level. With experience throughout every step of the litigation and appeal process, our lawyers provide clients with the opportunity to work with a single, cohesive team for trial and appeal.

        Our appellate lawyer deliver results by working with clients to develop and implement the best strategies on appeal. Clients also seek our oral and written advocacy skills for a wide range of appellate services, including briefings and oral arguments, advice on appellate matters and emergency matters, interlocutory appeals, and significant motions in major litigation.


        Contact Kemeny, Ramp & Renaud, LLC to learn more about the services offered by our appellate attorneys.

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