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Personal Injury

The personal injury attorneys at Kemeny, Ramp & Renaud represent clients in cases involving serious injuries. Our lawyers provide legal representation that that is tailored to each client’s situation and focused on achieving the best results.


One of the most difficult aspects of a personal injury case is communicating to a judge or jury how an accident changed a victim’s life. This can become even more complex, since personal injury cases often involve several layers of pain: the physical pain from the injury; the mental anguish that often accompanies the physical pain; and the financial consequences of being out of work and having large medical bills. The attorneys of our firm are well aware of this complexity and work our clients to highlight all of the losses that accompany a major injury and demonstrate how that injury changed the quality of the victim’s life.

We offer aggressive, creative, and effective legal representation in the following areas of personal injury:

•    Car / Motor Vehicle Accidents
•    Slip and Falls / Fall Downs
•    Dog Bites
•    DUI / DWI
•    Dram Shop / Tavern Keepers
•    Wrongful Death and Survival Claims    
•    Traumatic Brain Injury
•    Truck Accidents
•    Pedestrian Accidents
•    Motorcycle Accidents
•    Bicycle Accidents
•    Construction Accidents
•    Bus Accidents
•    Train Accidents
•    Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse
•    Premises Liability
•    Sexual Abuse
•    Workplace Injury
•    Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
•    Sidewalk Defects
•    Assault and Battery
•    Disparagement / Defamation
•    Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process    
•    Invasion of Privacy

Contact Kemeny, Ramp & Renaud, LLC to learn more about the legal services offered by our personal injury attorneys.

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