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Business Disputes

The attorneys at Kemeny, Ramp & Renaud, LLC are experienced in resolving business disputes. We have represented individuals and businesses at trial, on appeal, in mediation, and in arbitration. Whether the dispute is between multiple businesses, owners within a business, or a business and its customers, our business litigation attorneys work with clients to develop and implement effective and efficient strategies to reach our clients’ goals.

Our team of business trial lawyers is dedicated to achieving favorable results for our clients, handling a range of cases from everyday business disputes to high-stakes litigation. Whether labeled as "business litigation," "commercial litigation," or "complex business litigation," these terms encompass conflicts within the business realm. Attaining success in a business dispute requires careful planning and execution. We develop thorough and detailed strategies that are tailored to our clients' goals and considers cost constraints to ensure a comprehensive approach to the resolution process.

Our attorneys are experienced in a wide array of business dispute situations including:

  • Breach of contracts or agreements

  • Business disparagement, 

  • Business fraud,

  • Employment disputes,

  • Commercial real estate disputes,

  • Corporate governance issues,

  • Intellectual property issues

  • Limited liability member disputes,

  • Minority shareholder, member, and partner oppression,

  • Non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements

  • Ownership of assets, including tangible property, websites, domain names, and social media pages,

  • Partnership disputes, and

  • Shareholder disputes.

New Jersey business owners rely on our legal advice and services when faced with major business disputes. Contact Kemeny, Ramp & Renaud, LLC to learn more about the commercial dispute legal services offered by our attorneys.

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